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Real lives. Real families. Real impact.

Step By Step | Kent Templien’s Story of Resilience

A devastating ATV accident left Kent Templien with a severe spinal cord injury. It also revealed incredible resolve and resilience.                

Nick Dover | About the Journey

May 28, 2021

Nick Dover is a familiar face.  Anyone with meaningful time at QLI can spot the long-time resident’s broad silhouette; can describe his hurried, always-getting-somewhere walk; can pick out his big, […]

Building the Bridge | Occupational Therapist Morgan Chapman

April 30, 2021

Before they begin their afternoon session, occupational therapist Morgan Chapman gives spinal cord injury rehabilitation participant Terry Fochtmann a once-over. Seated in a powered wheelchair, Fochtmann has piloted as close […]

Purpose. Hope. Future. | QLI’s Workforce Development Program

April 22, 2021

Today is Skill Check Day, one of many for the high school students participating in QLI’s Workforce Development program. Only a few short weeks remain before a State of Nebraska-proctored […]

Tom Borgaila | No White Flag

March 27, 2021

Tom Borgaila arrives at the QLI Maintenance Workshop three minutes before his appointment begins. He comes through the door in his wheelchair—half-scooting himself forward heel-first, and half-pushed by a Life […]

Lisa Kassebaum | An Unbreakable Bond

March 14, 2021

“I’m grateful that she has been a part of my program and helped me grow, when I am supposed to be someone to help her grow.” With the grit of […]

Black History Month at QLI | Turning Recognition into Real Change

February 12, 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. Frederick Douglass. Mae C. Jemison. Barack Obama. Their names—and the names of many others—adorn the eastern-most windowed wall of the QLI Summit community room, where a […]

Korrin Williams | Looking Up, Looking Forward with LoveYourBrain

January 31, 2021

*This story was first published courtesy of our friends at LoveYourBrain. To learn more about LoveYourBrain’s clinical services, visit their Clinical Affiliate information page at Even in those first […]

One Shot for Progress | COVID-19 Vaccinations at QLI

January 22, 2021

Linsi Peterson was early. Early enough to watch QLI staff turn an adaptive sports workshop into a fully operational vaccine clinic. Early enough to watch the pharmacists wheel the Pfizer/BioNTech […]

Stronger Together | 2020 in Retrospect

December 29, 2020

  It’s become the lede to every article, the opening sentence of every social media post, the introduction to every webinar or email or newsletter—”2020 has been a difficult year.” […]

One Million Steps | QLI and Ekso Bionics Celebrate a Milestone of Progress

December 1, 2020

Tyler Bruck knows a simple fact better than most:  At QLI, every step is a milestone.  Over the course of his spinal cord injury rehabilitation program, the 28-year-old has committed […]

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