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An Evening at the Fair

The date is set for QLI’s 2018 An Evening at the Fair!  

September 14, 2018
Baxter Arena
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hosted by Honorary Chairs Karen & Roger Thompson
Event Chairs: Mindy & Barry Major and Sonia & Mike Spanheimer

*Online ticket sales have ended BUT you can still purchase your ticket at the door.*

What is QLI’s An Evening at the Fair?

It’s a fundraiser, sure. But it isn’t THAT kind of fundraiser. You know the one we’re talking about—all tables and raising paddles for silent auctions. We do things a little differently at QLI. Our fundraiser is a little different too. We want you walking away thinking “Wow, that was a great night” just as much as we want you thinking, “Wow, QLI is a great organization.”

At its core, An Evening at the Fair is an event that supports QLI’s life-changing rehabilitation and care program.

It is also a one-of-a-kind celebration that features wild games, hilarious attractions, live music from The Hector Anchondo Band, delicious county fair-themed food and drinks, more prizes than you’ll be able to carry, and a ton of surprises that’ll blow your socks off.

What are some of the games and attractions I might see at An Evening at the Fair?

No two Fairs are the same.  Sure, we have some popular classics, but we keep our audience interested by challenging our staff and event committee to create new, fun, fresh ideas every time.  But we can’t spill the beans just yet on what we have in store.  Check out An Evening at the Fair’s Facebook Event Page to get sneak peeks of this year’s festivities as we reveal them!

What we CAN tell you is that the fun of An Evening at the Fair comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve ever been adventurous enough to try a human hamster ball race, or curious enough to have your fortune read, QLI’s An Evening at the Fair is your kind of event.  In the past we have featured life-size Mario Kart races, giant Operation, chuck-a-puck, and don’t forget the traditional cake walk, wine toss and duck pond.

What does my ticket to An Evening at the Fair include? 



Everything. Food, drinks, games, music, photos, fun. Your ticket is all-inclusive.

What does my ticket support?

In a word: QLI. It’s hard to summarize all that we do and all that we provide in just a few sentences (that’s what our amazing stories at are for, after all!). QLI leads the rehabilitation industry by delivering therapies and care services in ways uniquely tied to each client’s and family’s passions, values, and identities. We simply don’t do things by the book—we treat the people, not the patients. Sometimes that means using sports and recreation to reconnect injury survivors to those they love. Sometimes that means partnering with community resources to give someone true-to-life vocational training. Sometimes that means providing hyper-sophisticated technology to get a person back to walking and regular mobility.

Your ticket to An Evening at the Fair makes all of this possible. You get to have a great night, sure, but you’re also contributing directly to a source of hope for families across the nation.

Okay, I’m interested. Where can I buy tickets? 

*Online ticket sales have ended BUT you can still purchase your ticket at the door.*