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Help rebuild lives.

Join QLI in providing life-changing rehabilitation and care for individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries.

Tragedy Can Strike Anyone

Everything can change in an instant. Brain and spinal cord injuries interrupt lives and defer dreams. Team QLI is here to pick up the pieces and help injured individuals and their families get back on a meaningful path in life.

How You Can Help

It’s as simple as this: Your support allows us to give our clients and their families the best possible odds by offering state-of-the-art technology and complex, individualized programming. Together, we are not just helping clients and families recover. We are helping rediscover passions and re-establish identities.

Our Stories

The people we serve are just like you – employees, parents, students. A lightning bolt, a mosquito bite, a car accident, or a fall. Within seconds and without warning they were forced to begin fighting to rebuild the life they once lived. Take a moment to read their stories and see how your support can make an impact.

Korrin Williams | Looking Up, Looking Forward with LoveYourBrain

by Carsten Froehlich

January 31, 2021

*This story was first published courtesy of our friends at LoveYourBrain. To learn more about LoveYourBrain’s clinical services, visit their Clinical Affiliate information page at Even in those first […]

Arik Matson | An Officer Returns to Station

October 19, 2020

Even the steady walk up the pilot-side airstairs is a testament to Arik’s progress. In January, this was a man on the brink of survival, someone for whom things like […]

Debbie Wahlert | Progress Measured in Inches

October 14, 2020

In a year defined by change and uncertainty, Debbie Wahlert has faced more than most. When an unexpected complication during surgery damaged Debbie’s spinal cord, she was forced to confront […]

Cole Davenport | Make Yourself

September 28, 2020

It isn’t ten minutes before a small crowd starts to mass around Cole Davenport, here in the high-ceilinged atrium of QLI’s Colladay Center, where he’s laid an off-white posterboard and […]

Renewed Voice | Michael Daavettila’s Musical Journey Back to Speech

May 13, 2020

It’s a simple harmonica mount. An altogether nondescript nickel-plated halo that hugs its wearer’s neck. It holds in place a similarly unpretentious harmonica between the jaws of a spring clamp. […]

Marty Ewing | Full Send or No Send

October 18, 2019

The arrow strikes the coyote decoy above the kneebend of its hind leg. Barely a hit, the point only sinks in for the firmness of the target’s foam. Given a […]

Shane Hultine | Taking the Plunge

September 20, 2019

Even before the end of his rehabilitation at QLI, Shane Hultine had a vision. “Nevermind it,” was his vision. Nevermind the spinal cord injury that had made his life so very […]

Back in the Saddle | Horse Trainer, Rodeo Professional Heather Morrison Takes the Next Ride

May 1, 2019

“This one’s Heather here.” Tom Morrison leans forearms-first on the railing of the indoor riding arena at Omaha’s Heartland Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA). He thumbs through images and videos […]

Rifet Hasanbasic | The Image of Progress

October 30, 2018

Rifet Hasanbasic pulls on an elastic resistance band tied in a knot around the strut of a weight machine, his hands tethered to it at the wristbraces with carabiner clips. […]


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