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How it Feels to Rebuild Lives: An Interview with QLI Therapist Nealey Hoffman

Last December we shared the incredible story of Tom Wagstaff, an Independence, Missouri police officer who sustained a brain injury in the line of duty and came to QLI on his rigorous path to recovery.  We sat down with Nealey Hoffman, one of QLI’s talented speech therapists and a key member of Officer Wagstaff’s rehabilitation […]

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Take the Throne: Seth Wannamaker’s Charge to the Top

It looks less like a wheelchair and more like the imagining of some brutal end-of-world steampunk fiction, all crisscrossing metal and scuffed aluminum. The wheels splay away from the seat of the chair at a 30-degree angle. The flat panels covering the wheel spokes display a history of combat, a history transcribed in scars and […]

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Change in the Face of Change: Koby Truesdell’s Brave Steps

“Change is inevitable. Why embrace it when you can make it happen?” We introduced Koby Truesdell last September, at the very beginning of his pilgrimage back to life following a catastrophic spinal cord injury. In his four months at QLI, Koby has embodied many qualities–perseverance, pride, levity, wisdom. His is a voice within QLI’s spinal […]

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Tom Wagstaff: A Hero’s Homecoming

How do you prepare for the day that changes your life? How do you react to it, reckon with it? What steps do you take to rebuild and reclaim all that is lost? For the Wagstaff family, that day was March 29th, 2017. At 9:58 A.M., Officer Tom Wagstaff and other members of the Independence, […]

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The Next Ride

Choosing a new path in life is a challenge. It feels impossible when the path is chosen by someone else. It’s summer 1989. Brian Gut has just finished a day’s ride in the annual Bike Across the Magnificent Miles of Illinois event, a week-long, 500-mile marathon trek across the state. At just 19 years old, […]

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