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Shane Hultine | Taking the Plunge

Even before the end of his rehabilitation at QLI, Shane Hultine had a vision.  Nevermind it, was his vision. Nevermind the spinal cord injury that had made his life so very different. Nevermind the fact that his injury had eliminated the feeling and function below his abdominals. Nevermind what people thought or the perception that […]

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Garrett Sherley | How a QLI Boot Camp Sparked the Next Chapter of Lifelong Progress

Garrett Sherley is a different man now. He’s a different man than he was in 2014, when—just 21 and stationed in Georgia for his tenure in the United States Army—he suffered a near-fatal brain injury in a motorcycle accident, when doctors were substituting words like “future” and “happiness” with words like “unknown” and “survival.” And […]

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Jeremy Wolzen: Building a Better Self

In 2018, QLI launched GRIT, a one-of-a-kind adaptive functional fitness program. The program, led by CrossFit icons Stacie and Dustin Tovar and QLI’s director of nutritional services, Stephanie Roob, has changed countless lives in just over a year. Jeremy Wolzen is one such success story. After suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2002, Jeremy has […]

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Father Glen Wilwerding | A Morning at RAGBRAI, A Glimpse of Recovery

The rain falls in sheets. Big, heavy drops like coins coming straight down from a textureless overcast sky. They land with pelting force, slapping noisily off the cars and RVs and campers seeking temporary refuge in the abandoned parking lot of an emptied, months-closed Kmart.  Just a dozen feet north of the lot, Iowa State […]

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Craig Engel: The Pieces Together Again

Craig Engel begins each day at 3:00 a.m. In that quiet hour he works through a practiced morning routine. He double-checks the day’s date and the weather with an Amazon Alexa device. Then, donning his uniform, he drives the twenty-minute commute separating his rural hometown from Lindsay, Nebraska. By 4:00 a.m., he arrives at the […]

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