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Anna Connors and The Way Back

We introduced Anna Connors to you in March as part of our Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign. At 17, Anna survived a terrifying automobile accident involving her vehicle and a semi truck. She was left with a traumatic brain injury, which affected her life in countless ways. This summer, after years of recovery, Anna returns […]

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Ben Schultz’s Climb Above

Every day, firefighters shoulder the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the safety of their community. In Ben Schultz’s case, a firefighter of the Anchorage, Alaska Fire Department, that meant providing life-saving aid to one of their own. During a June 2017 training exercise, 29-year-old Ben Schultz tumbled nearly 100 feet down a ladder. The list […]

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Step by Step: Kent Templien’s Resilience

— A hush falls over the auditorium. 75 onlookers in silence. They watch—some in awe, hands cupped over their mouths—as Kent Templien makes a slow, determined walk to the front of the room. Kent labors to plant one foot ahead of the other. He braces his elbows onto the pads of a platform walker and […]

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QLI Braincast: Conversations on Brain Injury with Dr. Jeff Snell

For Brain Injury Awareness Month, we sat down with QLI’s director of psychology and neuropsychology services, Dr. Jeff Snell. Dr. Snell has been a leading force for QLI 20 years, helping our organization–and, in turn, our industry–iterate and innovate in the world of brain injury rehabilitation. Each of the four episodes chronicles a different topic […]

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#ChangeYourMind: Brain Injury Awareness Month

For Brain Injury Awareness Month 2018, QLI is sharing stories of endurance, triumph, and success to help reframe general awareness and knowledge regarding life after injury. Catastrophic TBIs are devastating injuries. But they aren’t life sentences. Thanks to the incredible expertise available in all levels of post-injury healthcare, brain injury survivors still maintain enormous potential […]

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