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BEYOND Brain Injury: Creating Purpose After Hardship

Traumatic brain injuries represent a complicated and varied range of diagnoses. Among the most severe and life-changing injuries a person can sustain, trauma to the brain is widely perceived as a dead-end, a pathway from which there is no outlet or recovery. For National Brain Injury Awareness Month, QLI highlighted four individuals in an effort […]

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Word Becomes Action: Assistive Tech and Control Regained

“Alexa, play Pandora. George Thorogood,” Jeff Wirth says Three of the QLI staff members in Jeff’s on-campus rehabilitation apartment give out a low chuckle at the command. Jeff, a high-level spinal cord injury survivor whose life has been reframed within the confines of a powered wheelchair, is demonstrating a potentially transformative piece of technology. A […]

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Bridging the Gap — A Look at QLI’s Vocational Programming

Getting back to work, getting back to life. Sam Cooper’s brain injury rehabilitation assumed many forms, but in October, QLI’s vocational team helped the Clinton, Indiana native take an incredible step. Sam participated in a work visit, a true-to-life assessment of his abilities following weeks of work hardening therapy. Traveling to Indiana alongside his vocational […]

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Morgan Enright: More Than Survival

“Plane crash. Three deceased. One survivor.” In the weeks following April 8th, 2016, these words became synonymous with the story of Ketchikan, Alaska’s Morgan Enright. During a routine work-related flight across Southeast Alaska — from Wrangell to Angoon, nearly 300 miles away — the Cessna 206 commuter plane carrying Morgan, the plane’s pilot, and two […]

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Close By: Why Family Matters at QLI

With the grand opening of Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI just around the corner, we wanted to share an inside perspective regarding the importance of family on the rehabilitation process, and the impact our family housing accommodations will have on our families themselves. To do that, we sat down with Janet Eppenbach, whose mother […]

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