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No Compromises, No Limits: QLI’s Pain Rehabilitation Program

“Complete disability.” That’s the term most commonly used by severe chronic pain sufferers to self-report their level of impairment. When a case of intense pain weathers on through months and years, it surpasses description as a simple setback, annoyance, or inconvenience. For millions of men and women in the United States, the battle against chronic […]

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Joe Morgan’s Flight

It takes five people to situate Joe Morgan into the sailplane—three to hoist him out of his power wheelchair and two, one at his legs and another at his shoulders, to maneuver his body into the front seat. The effort is worth it. The group steps away from the sailplane, and Joe takes a long […]

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Trading Campus for Cabins

This isn’t the typical look of rehabilitation. Here, at Woodbine, Iowa’s Willow Lake, there are no hospital beds or physical therapy mats. Cutting-edge equipment and a campus of specialized resources have been traded in for fishing rods, tackle boxes, and a dock cantilevered out over sun-bathed water. Two dozen men and women, all of them […]

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Meet Koby

Koby wheels into the gym wearing blue mirrored aviators, a baseball hat, and bright striped socks that reach the middle of his calves. “They’re Funky,” he explains. “I mean, that’s the name of the brand.”

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After Injury, A Second Chance

Place yourself in Mangum, Oklahoma. And for a moment, imagine yourself in Kenny Hall’s shoes. On May 12th, 2016, Kenny is on top of the world. At 21, he’s an athlete, a sports fanatic, someone who’s played baseball for most of his life. He’s bright, sociable, sarcastic, and wields a knife-edged sense of humor. The […]

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