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Work From Home | QLI Telerehabilitation Offers Therapy Solutions When Nothing Else Can

Today, Jeff Griffin is playing with his daughter, Leta.  The one-year-old blazes into the living room, half-sprint and half-waddle, right to the spot where Jeff sits on the carpet. She carries with her a big plastic sheet cake cover, the translucent kind you might see protecting the top of a store-bought birthday cake. It makes […]

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Putting in the Effort | A QLI Workout Group That Doesn’t Quit

It’s a mild mid-February afternoon. 4:00 PM, to be exact, a point in the day some might affectionately refer to as “quitting time.” Those in question, the “quitting time” crowd, might be occupied with punching out for the day, daydreaming about the commute home and the relief of a weekend ahead. Inside QLI’s Fitness Center, […]

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Drive for Success | A Firsthand Look at QLI’s Adaptive Driving

Danny Bradshaw pilots his powered wheelchair to the open driver’s side door. It’s a mild mid-January day on QLI’s campus, a day whose overcast sky and melting snow will provide the right circumstances for an afternoon of training behind the wheel.  This will be only the second time Bradshaw has operated a motor vehicle since […]

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A Decade of Excellence: QLI’s 2010s in Retrospective

With just days until the start of both a new year and a new decade, we figured there was no better time to look back on QLI through the 2010s.  It was a decade of change for QLI. But it was also a decade of excellence, a decade of redefinition, a decade of tenacity and […]

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Nick Whitver | 2019 James P. O’Donnell Demonstrated Excellence Awards

Part of what makes QLI special is the effort its team members dedicate to being “universal employees”—taking ownership to meet needs anywhere within the organization, even if they exist outside the typical demands of the day-to-day job description. Even by these standards, Nick Whitver stands out. In short, Nick is committed to bettering lives. Not […]

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