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Melissa Peterson | James P. O’Donnell Demonstrated Excellence Awards

When QLI agreed to develop a specialized training program in early 2019, it was clear Melissa Peterson was the perfect leader to spearhead this new endeavor. In her career at QLI, Melissa quickly proved herself to be an extraordinary part of her team—not only providing terrific care for the individuals in QLI’s rehabilitation program, but […]

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QLI Telerehabilitation | A Q&A with Melissa Anderson

With the launch of the QLI Telerehabilitation program earlier this year, QLI introduced a cutting-edge new system to redefine recovery in outpatient settings. Through the use of specialized video technology, QLI Telerehabilitation gives rehab clients unprecedented access to industry-leading brain and spinal cord injury expertise. For men and women returning home, to work, and to […]

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Marty Ewing | Full Send or No Send

The arrow strikes the coyote decoy above the kneebend of its hind leg. Barely a hit, the point only sinks in for the firmness of the target’s foam. Given a softer target, the arrow would’ve passed right through. A faster one, missed altogether. “I’m fighting spasms,” says 20-year-old Marty Ewing, seated in a manual wheelchair, […]

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Narrates the Story of Injured Race Car Driver Josh Jackson | Drivers and Dreams: Grassroots Racing in America

Celebrated dirt track race car driver Josh Jackson has triumphed beyond greater hardships than most people will ever know. After sustaining a near-fatal brain injury as the result of a mid-race accident, Josh found himself navigating a complex road to recovery. Intensive, real-world rehabilitation at Craig Hospital and QLI set the stage for lifelong growth, and a […]

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Shane Hultine | Taking the Plunge

Even before the end of his rehabilitation at QLI, Shane Hultine had a vision.  Nevermind it, was his vision. Nevermind the spinal cord injury that had made his life so very different. Nevermind the fact that his injury had eliminated the feeling and function below his abdominals. Nevermind what people thought or the perception that […]

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