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On the Road | The Impact of Adaptive Driving at QLI

Take a moment to think about the act of driving a car. Consider the open road—how good it felt to sit in the driver’s seat of your first vehicle; how much it meant to look at your car as a symbol of freedom; how important your current vehicle is as a tool of necessity, as […]

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QLI + LoveYourBrain | Treating TBI with Yoga, Meditation, and Lifestyle

Four Winter X-Games medals. Back-to-back Arctic Challenge championships. An unprecedented two Air & Style victories in one season. It’s 2009: Kevin Pearce ranks among the best professional snowboarders in the world. He’s the rising star, the prodigy, the kid hot on the heels of industry icons like Shaun White. Soon, Pearce will be the top […]

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Sparking the Spirit: Stories of Success

As the holiday season comes into full swing, Team QLI wanted to take the time to highlight a number of recent highlights from our rehabilitation and care programs. The end of the year provides both an opportunity to reflect on past successes and forecast futures of lifelong triumph. These are but a few of the […]

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Rifet Hasanbasic | The Image of Progress

“It changes your perspective from looking at all these things you can’t do. [At QLI] it’s, ‘Yes we can! Yes we can!’ That gives you hope for the future. A family can move on from an injury and live.”

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The Summit | 20 Years of Excellence

At the outset, QLI was a vision–the answer to a question posed by the families of individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and severe neuromuscular disability. That desperate question, “Where will our children go when we’re gone,” sparked the fire that would become QLI, which would itself spark wildfire change within Nebraska and across […]

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