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What Rehab Should Be

QLI incorporates traditional methods, but removes therapy from the strict confines of the gym or the assessment room in favor of real-world environments and situations. QLI is unique and fortunate in that there is no limit to the amount or specificity of functional therapy its teams can provide on any given day.

Our rehabilitation teams deliver functional rehabilitation not in half-hour blocks three times a week, or via worksheet assessments, but intensively and continuously, every day and every week, on our 24-hour rehabilitation campus and in the Omaha community.

“The way we do functional rehabilitation at QLI is truly a clinician’s dream,” said Taylor Kerschke, QLI’s coordinator of speech therapy services. “We’re out in the community really doing the tasks the person will be doing after discharge.”

This method worked for Dr. Aaron Studer, a South Dakota dentist and stroke survivor. Getting Dr. Studer back to his practice was the ultimate goal. The team identified the obstacles he would need to address, including balance problems and envisioned a solution that would combine Dr. Studer’s vocational endpoint with the progress he was making in QLI’s PT, OT, and cognitive rehabilitation departments.

QLI partnered with a community resource—Creighton University’s School of Dentistry. Working with a dental mannequin, Dr. Studer and his QLI team devoted entire days of his programming to realistically emulating the specific tasks of his practice in a true-to-life setting.

In addition, the programming diagnosed potential challenges Dr. Studer might encounter over the course of the day and addressed those obstacles in real time. Ultimately, he was able to develop pragmatic strategies he could carry beyond his rehabilitation at QLI and into regular day-to-day activities.

Less than a year after discharge, Dr. Studer is medically cleared as completely recovered. He steadily increased his workload at his dental practice soon after returning home, and now manages his professional dental practice at full capacity once again.

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