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The Summit | 20 Years of Excellence

At the outset, QLI was a vision–the answer to a question posed by the families of individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and severe neuromuscular disability. That desperate question, “Where will our children go when we’re gone,” sparked the fire that would become QLI, which would itself spark wildfire change within Nebraska and across the country as a leader in brain and spinal cord rehabilitation and care.

20 years ago, the evolution and growth of QLI’s life-changing mission authored a new chapter for the organization: The Summit Skilled Nursing Program. The Summit was engineered brick by brick to provide an unparalleled sense hope, dignity, and independence to QLI’s residents.

Now home to more than 70 long-term residents, many whose families’ names are woven into the very fabric of QLI, The Summit represents an immeasurable source of pride for our organization and remains a crucial pillar of our mission.

This year, QLI celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Summit–two decades of community impact and life-changing camaraderie. Together, our team and our residents honoring the building’s past, present, and future with a special gala.

Truly, this celebration was an extraordinary undertaking. Following months of event planning and nearly a full week of logistical preparation–which included teams across the company collaborating to provide formal dresswear and salon spa services for all attending residents–the entirety of QLI united. The Summit is the culmination of a one-of-a-kind community braintrust, one that changed not only the Omaha landscape but the healthcare industry in total. And on a special night, we reflected on its impact with a one-of-a-kind event.

We can’t wait to start the next chapter.

Visit the photo gallery below to see images from the night, featuring many of the employees, residents, and family members who are responsible for The Summit’s continued success.

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