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Team QLI — Our New Home for Inspiring Stories

It’s hard to understand everything we do here at QLI. There’s a lot to keep up with after 25 years. We’re not just helping our clients recover. We’re helping them re-discover their passions and re-establish their identities.

That’s why we’ve started, a hub of inspiring insights into our uniquely functional rehabilitation program. Here, stories of success range from the minor triumphs that give families hope in the face of uncertainty, to life-changing victories against all odds.

Take a look at some of the incredible stories on display at, starting with these features:


Word Becomes Action: Assistive Tech and Control Regained

Our rehabilitation program incorporates countless pieces of cutting-edge technology to boost clinical outcomes. But what about everyday technology? In this story, see how QLI’s team employs Amazon’s Echo Dot device as a creative solution for a spinal cord injury survivor’s greatest challenges.



Morgan Enright: More Than Survival

The lone survivor of a lethal plane crash, Morgan Enright’s story begins under the most harrowing of circumstances. But her recovery from a traumatic brain injury transcends the horror of her accident and becomes a journey toward defining identity, passion, and life after injury.




To Protect and Serve

Before his injury, Justin Rutherford led Sycamore, Georgia’s K-9 Unit. An on-the-job motor vehicle accident changed his life, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. Partnering with the Omaha Police Department, QLI reconnected Justin with the city’s K-9 team, giving him a chance to return to a life he thought lost.


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