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Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI

Over the past 25 years, QLI’s physical footprint has grown across a scenic 60-acre campus.  On Thursday, June 11th, we commemorated the groundbreaking of an important new addition:  Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI.

Family Housing In-Story

Capable of accommodating up to 14 families inside a two-story, 13,500 square-foot building, the complex will provide the families of our clients a robustly furnished space in which to reside comfortably on QLI’s campus.  Families often become the most important asset incorporated into our functional therapy services, participating directly in the very programs that foster their loved ones’ independence.

Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI is dedicated to Mrs. Suzanne Scott, co-founder of the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation.  Sue was one of Omaha’s most influential philanthropic leaders.  Her impact on major community projects within the Omaha metropolitan area was immeasurable, as was her impact on QLI’s growth.

“Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI is an opportunity to honor a very special woman who was a mentor to our executive team and a role model to so many of us at QLI,” said Patricia Kearns, QLI president and CEO.

Sue, along with husband Walter, provided much of the early support that established QLI’s operational and clinical excellence.  She joined QLI’s board of directors in 1999, where she would continue to graciously serve throughout the remainder of her life.

Funded by contributions from QLI’s closest community partners and by the generosity of QLI’s staff, Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI will, for our families, make a long-standing dream a reality, and the complex will serve as tribute to the inestimable impact Sue effected on QLI.

Kearns said, “Sue’s compassion and grace will long continue to serve as a foundation for QLI’s delivery of services to individuals and families from across the nation.”

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