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Sparking the Spirit: Stories of Success

As the holiday season comes into full swing, Team QLI wanted to take the time to highlight a number of recent highlights from our rehabilitation and care programs. The end of the year provides both an opportunity to reflect on past successes and forecast futures of lifelong triumph. These are but a few of the amazing stories we have been proud to help realize–all of them representing the relentless work of QLI’s clinical experts, the tremendous willpower and resilience of our clients and families, and the power of community support on every element of QLI’s program.

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Jeremy Wolzen

For Jeremy Wolzen, nothing was certain. After a traumatic brain injury, he faced limitations on all fronts, hardship in all aspects of life.

Today, nearly 16 years after his injury, he is the model for lifelong recovery and success beyond all limits. At QLI, and as a devoted participant in QLI’s GRIT Adaptive Fitness program under the tutelage of CrossFit Omaha’s Dustin and Stacie Tovar, Jeremy no longer sees challenges as roadblocks. Instead, he uses challenges as springboards to greater and greater accomplishment.

Wiley Corra

Amidst all the talk sparking the spirit, few people have reaffirmed the meaning of “spirit” the way 15-year-old Wiley Corra has. The Colorado native and top-ranked Nordic skier lives a life defined by spirit, optimism, and work ethic–all of which he deployed to the highest degree during his brain injury rehabilitation program at QLI. Powered by a battalion of therapists, clinical specialists, and the electric support of his family, Wiley charted a journey to recovery that is perhaps best summarized by a single word:


Check out his photo gallery below for an inside look into his program from start to finish–from the early window of recovery through the use of assistive technology, to an epic multi-sport, cross-country trek around QLI’s 60-acre campus, to an eventual return home.

Lance Schine

Every moment a victory, every day a transition:

In May, Maryland native Lance Schine suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident. After months of hospital care, Lance transferred to QLI for further intensive rehabilitation.

By mid-November, just over six months since the date of his injury, Lance’s progress was not only measurable–it was obvious. Large portions of his therapy schedule focused on improving his ability to walk. The image above captures Lance, with little assistance beyond the supervision of a nearby clinician, walking outdoors for the first time since his accident.

Lance moved home just days before Thanksgiving. For him, it was a bittersweet return, having left behind both incredible friendships and a full-time schedule of targeted therapy. But Lance is eager to be home–and by the looks of the next photo he sent us, he’s not alone.

It was an honor to serve Lance and the Schine family. We wish them the best of luck as they continue to chart what is sure to be a journey of achievement.



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