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Nick Whitver | 2019 James P. O’Donnell Demonstrated Excellence Awards

Part of what makes QLI special is the effort its team members dedicate to being “universal employees”—taking ownership to meet needs anywhere within the organization, even if they exist outside the typical demands of the day-to-day job description.

Even by these standards, Nick Whitver stands out.

In short, Nick is committed to bettering lives. Not just the lives QLI serves, but the lives of his closest teammates and colleagues. A natural leader, a compassionate friend, and a resource of contagious optimism, he embodies QLI’s mission to a degree that would be impossible to replicate.

Nick was one of six team members recognized with 2019’s James P. O’Donnell Demonstrated Excellence Award, QLI’s most prestigious distinction. In this story, see how he’s left a permanent impression on QLI and turned his company into his biggest raving fans.

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