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#KnowYourMil | QLI’s Taylor Kerschke Takes Part in MJCOC 90

This April, Taylor Kerschke, QLI’s Director of Clinical Services, received the honor joining the United States Department of Defense’s Mini Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (MJCOC).

The MJCOC, a three-day educational conference that bridges the divide between public-sector executives and military operations, is part of the Department of Defense’s oldest and most prestigious public liaison program. The JCOC program targets executives from specific industries for each session, then invites attendees to embark on a journey to understand innovation and relevant crossover developing between military and civilian collaboration.

Despite receiving hundreds of applicants, the JCOC program offers the privilege of attendance to only a select group of industry thought leaders. Kerschke was one of the 30 healthcare professionals selected for MJCOC 90, and one of only two experts in rehabilitation invited.

“I was honored to be selected,” Kerschke said. “QLI is always striving to gain more in-depth knowledge of our nation’s armed forces. This experience allows us the ability to better serve these individuals and educate our community.”

After traveling to Washington D.C., Kerschke not only enjoyed a behind-the-scenes insight of operational centers like the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, but participated in training activities to better understand the creativity and initiative that keeps the country secure.

From taking a test flight in an MV-22 Osprey support aircraft, to learning about research regarding controlled malaria studies, to a training simulation of a firefight in an active zone of conflict — Kerschke was immersed in every moment with the complexities the United States Armed Forces face each day.

“The amount of research and innovation that is happening is truly incredible,” Kerschke said.

“I walked away with tremendous admiration for the men and women who protect our country and the pride they exude. Their work ethic, knowledge, and courage go beyond what I could have ever imagined. But that culture of pride is what truly stands out.”

QLI has a proud history collaborating with the United States Armed Forces, dating back to the organization’s founding with the oversight of retired Air Force General Martin Colladay and his wife, Danny. Furthermore, Kerschke herself has been an innovative clinical force whose resume includes life-changing work for military veterans and men and women injured in the line of duty.

The invitation to be a part of MJCOC 90 only hardened her resolve to find new ways to support the nation’s armed forces.

“There is tremendous need for civilian partnerships and collaborations,” Kerschke said. “We’re proud to continue to support military health care systems and provide military personnel and veterans the very best care. The awareness is key. The education is key.”

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