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Kayaks, Pontoons and Jet Skis

Adaptive Sports at QLI involves innovative equipment – including universalized fishing tools, hunting tools, tandem bicycles, kayaks, and boating rigs – to help individuals with brains and spinal cord injuries lead active lives.

Since most of the individuals at QLI are young adults, it is important that they have opportunities to regain their active lifestyle. The emphasis on adaptive sports helps QLI approach rehabilitation on the individual’s terms. By getting away from traditional therapy gyms and rehab centers and enjoying personalized interests in the outdoors, individuals can recapture their identity, which is so essential to physical and emotional recovery.


Adaptive sports function as an important clinical opportunity as well. QLI’s clinical team couches important rehabilitation goals within the lens of adaptive sports. The functional tasks an individual works on in other spectrums of their rehab (physical/occupational therapy, Life Skills, Lifepath skills) become integrated into a fun, real-world experience. Adaptive sports, then, allow individuals to take the skills they have acquired during therapy sessions and apply them in an exciting task that is personally relevant.

“It’s like ‘rehab rocket fuel.’’, said Ed Armstrong, adaptive sports leader. “It’s about taking the desire and motivation that are already there with an individual and capitalizing on it with something they can have real ownership over. And positive experience helps them work harder toward their end goal,” said Armstrong.

When you donate to QLI through Omaha Gives!, QLI plans to use those funds to expand its unrivaled adaptive sports program. The expansion plan includes a permanent pontoon boat and other cutting-edge adaptive sports tools that will get our clients back to the freedom of enjoying the outdoors.

“Because there is simply nothing more powerful for someone with an injury than for them to be enjoying themselves out on the lake, to look back, and to see they’ve left that wheelchair behind,” said Armstrong.

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