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Josh Jackson’s Race for Recovery

18-year-old Josh Jackson is a race car driver, through and through. He eats and breathes race car driving, dreams and sleeps it. It represents a passion he’s pursued his entire life.

Last August, Josh’s defining passion turned into a moment of terror, as the up-and-coming sprint car driver suffered a traumatic brain injury during a mid-race crash. The high-speed collision fractured his skull, severely impacting his vision, his speech, and the function of the right side of his body.

After coming to QLI in Omaha this year, Josh has found a way back on the racetrack. This time, in an effort to rebuild his life. Partnering with local go-karting facility Joe’s Karting, QLI built a rehabilitation plan for Josh that would transform his passion for racing into a platform for recovery.

The impact has been nothing short of jaw-dropping, simultaneously challenging and reinforcing the progress Josh has made in his therapy at QLI. Each lap around the customized circuit is a reminder of Josh’s past, a celebration of his will, and an inspiring symbol of his astounding potential.

See Josh’s incredible story, brought to you by our friends at KETV Newswatch 7:

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