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Change in the Face of Change: Koby Truesdell’s Brave Steps

“Change is inevitable. Why embrace it when you can make it happen?”

We introduced Koby Truesdell last September, at the very beginning of his pilgrimage back to life following a catastrophic spinal cord injury.

In his four months at QLI, Koby has embodied many qualities–perseverance, pride, levity, wisdom. His is a voice within QLI’s spinal cord injury community that not only speaks to the power of dedication, but the understanding that the days and weeks and months following injury are a cumulative depiction of progress. Koby demonstrates that change can be both sudden and gradual, but powerful all the same.

Koby’s indomitable willpower was married to the peerless expertise and cutting-edge tools plied by QLI’s therapists. Little by little, the brushstrokes of his rehabilitation began to paint the portrait of a man who walks once again–walking when, by doctors’ accounts, such an act shouldn’t be possible.

Koby was honored this January at a UNO Mavericks men’s hockey game for his inspiring determination and his will to enact change. Change for himself and those around him. He’s not only embraced change, he has committed to making change–positive change–a reality.

Check out the images below to see an inside look at Koby’s journey.


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