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Bridging the Gap — A Look at QLI’s Vocational Programming

Getting back to work, getting back to life.

Sam Cooper’s brain injury rehabilitation assumed many forms, but in October, QLI’s vocational team helped the Clinton, Indiana native take an incredible step.

Sam participated in a work visit, a true-to-life assessment of his abilities following weeks of work hardening therapy. Traveling to Indiana alongside his vocational specialist Alex, Sam performed many of the same workplace tasks for which, prior to his injury, he’d been responsible.

His work as a team member on a bridge construction team frequently required the safe operation of heavy machinery. In order to reintegrate into that familiar work environment, Sam needed to demonstrate he could reliably and independently complete everyday duties — cutting metal, transporting lumber, and drilling concrete. QLI’s work visit not only offered a platform on which Sam could provide such a demonstration, but helped foster the abilities and strategies he had incorporated through the other components of his formal therapy.

The result? For our clinicians, a hyper-accurate understanding of Sam’s abilities and, for Sam, a gratifying and welcome return to a normal day’s work. Sam’s work assessment was a resounding success, propelling him down the path to recovery and to a near-total return to his role in the workplace.

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