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An Open Letter to Omaha

For more than 25 years, QLI has been a proud member of the Omaha community.  Each year we work with hundreds of individuals devastated by brain or spinal cord injuries as they commence the most important and most difficult part of their recovery following a life-changing injury.  These men and women hail from all walks of life and from across the United States.  They come here.  To QLI.  To Omaha.

The facility we have at QLI is simply bricks and mortar.  You could build a hundred QLIs in a hundred different cities, but none of them would succeed without Omaha’s unique culture and the support this city provides.

Our people-Omaha’s people-make QLI what it is today.  Omaha’s proud work ethic means we work our hardest to offer the highest quality of care for those we serve.  And its welcoming community and accessible options mean everyone can be a part of this city’s culture without restriction or limitation.

This city prides itself on integrity and hospitality.  It allows the individuals we serve to get back to life.  It allows them to get back to the things they value most.

Because of Omaha, QLI continues to offer an unrivaled level of rehabilitation and care.  Here, we have grown into a national leader and a powerful resource for a population in need.

Thank you, Omaha.  For inspiring us.  For supporting us.

Thank you, Omaha.  For being our home.

-Patricia Kearns, QLI President and CEO

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