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A Spoonful of Sugar

Team QLI has shown dedication to the Omaha community in a variety of ways throughout the years.  For 13 long-term residents at QLI, going to the Rose Theater in Omaha is not just about seeing a fun play or musical—it’s their job.

Omaha’s Rose Theater and QLI have formed a great program over the last 5 years, allowing residents from both QLI’s Assisted Living apartments and Summit long-term care center to donate their time at the theater.  QLI’s volunteers greet the play-goers, hand out programs, or stand guard of the stage so younger kids attending the show do not try to run up and join the actors during the performance.

Three groups of volunteers from QLI work alongside The Rose every month from September to June.  This June, QLI’s volunteers had the chance to work the Rose’s production of Mary Poppins.

Yvonne, a QLI resident and volunteer from Broken Bow, NE, adores helping out at The Rose because it allows her to see all of the kids dressed up and excited for the show, and offers her a way to give back to the Omaha community.

“This makes me feel proud that I’ve done something to help people,” said Yvonne.  “And see the happiness on the little kids’ faces—they are enthusiastic and it makes me enthusiastic too.”

Yvonne was both excited and nervous to volunteer for Mary Poppins, her all-time favorite show, because she was concerned that this particular performance would not live up to her expectations. Don’t worry—she was pleasantly surprised and even admitted to shedding a tear or two when Mary took flight across the stage with her umbrella.

Volunteering at The Rose provides an opportunity to participate in something truly meaningful.  Greeting the play-goers and making a connection with them is the perfect way for Team QLI to create lasting bonds with the Omaha community.

Next time you go to see a Saturday matinee of your favorite show at The Rose, keep an eye out for a volunteer from Team QLI—they look forward to greeting you!



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