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Lied Life Center Expansion

The Lied Life Center expansion will provide QLI with much-needed additional space to execute our proven rehab program, allowing us to enhance services to existing clients and to serve more clients in the future. The expansion will focus on three essential rehab components:

Adaptive sports and recreation

Our adaptive sports and recreation technology empowers even the most physically impaired individuals, allowing them to rediscover their outdoor passions. Additional storage space for this program will allow us to continue to expand and improve available technology.

Gait and Mobility Training Lab

The Life Path Services Center will now include a 4,000 square feet gait and mobility training lab including Zero G dynamic body weight supported walking system and track, Hydroworx therapy pool, a home for our Ekso Bionics exoskeleton, electrical stimulation bikes, treadmills, and more.  This gym will allow ample space as individuals with gait issues increase their mobility and independence.

Seating and Positioning Systems

QLI currently keeps more than 150 specialized wheelchairs on-hand, allowing our therapists the benefit of finding the best fit and function for each of our client’s needs.  The Life Path Services Center expansion will create a space to hold these wheelchairs, giving efficient access and a room to expand our fleet as needs arise.