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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

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Rifet Hasanbasic | The Image of Progress

“It changes your perspective from looking at all these things you can’t do. [At QLI] it’s, ‘Yes we can! Yes we can!’ That gives you hope for the future. A family can move on from an injury and live.”

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The Summit | 20 Years of Excellence

At the outset, QLI was a vision–the answer to a question posed by the families of individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, and severe neuromuscular disability. That desperate question, “Where will our children go when we’re gone,” sparked the fire that would become QLI, which would itself spark wildfire change within Nebraska and across […]

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On the Move | Beyond Guillain–Barré Syndrome

“In a matter of days, he was paralyzed.” Bob Gardiner was everything a 51-year-old should be–happy, healthy. A successful businessman, a loving husband, a devoted father. He ran for miles each day, was a proud football season ticket-holder for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and valued the opportunity to travel the country with his wife and children. […]

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Director of Research | A Q&A Session with QLI’s Dr. Karen Hux

This year, we proudly welcomed Dr. Karen Hux as Director of Research to QLI’s ever-growing, ever-evolving rehabilitation and care continuum. Dr. Hux, a leading researcher in traumatic brain injury whose curriculum vitae includes countless academic publications and 27 years as a faculty member and professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, brings to QLI a unique […]

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Abraham Stubbs | Injury, Creativity, and the Path to Self-Reliance

“I’ve always believed you have to find ways to live the life you want to live. Not your parents’ life, not life under the influence of anyone else or anything else or the things you see on social media. You have to create the life you want.” Abraham “Abe” Stubbs set out to create that […]

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