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Back in the Saddle | Horse Trainer, Rodeo Professional Heather Morrison Takes the Next Ride

“This one’s Heather here.” Tom Morrison leans forearms-first on the railing of the indoor riding arena at Omaha’s Heartland Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA). He thumbs through images and videos on his phone, eventually playing one recording that stands out. It shows his wife, Heather, speeding horseback through a barrel race back in Wyoming, their […]

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More Than a Job | How Workplace Simulation Became the Culmination of Therapy

Sometimes a job is more than a job. For Johnathan Ainsworth, being able to put on a uniform and get back to work represents a victory over the brain injury that nearly killed him. In this interactive photo essay, see how a partnership between QLI and an Omaha Chick-fil-A location gave Johnathan a springboard to […]

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The QLI Podcast | Episode 2 – Steve Martin, CEO Emeritus of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

This week, The QLI Podcast returns with one of Nebraska’s most influential healthcare visionaries and leaders, Steve Martin. Steve innovated the insurance world during his tenure at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, where he served as CEO for 16 years. And his perspective on healthcare only deepened after a traumatic brain injury in 2015, […]

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The QLI Podcast | Episode 1 – LoveYourBrain

This month we are excited to introduce The QLI Podcast, the official podcast of Team QLI! Hosted by Jon Pearson, QLI’s Director of Creativity, alongside a rotating panel of guests, The QLI Podcast is where we embrace the stories that enlighten, influence, and inspire us. In the first episode of The QLI Podcast, we sit […]

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People First | QLI’s Hands-On Approach to Psychology

The team of experts that make up QLI’s psychology department have the responsibility to know precisely what is happening inside the brain. Anatomically, cognitively, emotionally—all of the complex influences both internal and external to the brain’s function. Consisting of an industry-leading neuropsychologist, talented clinical psychologists, and a nationally renowned research expert, QLI’s psychology team possesses […]

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