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Director of Research | A Q&A Session with QLI’s Dr. Karen Hux

This year, we proudly welcomed Dr. Karen Hux as Director of Research to QLI’s ever-growing, ever-evolving rehabilitation and care continuum. Dr. Hux, a leading researcher in traumatic brain injury whose curriculum vitae includes countless academic publications and 27 years as a faculty member and professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, brings to QLI a unique […]

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Abraham Stubbs | Injury, Creativity, and the Path to Self-Reliance

“I’ve always believed you have to find ways to live the life you want to live. Not your parents’ life, not life under the influence of anyone else or anything else or the things you see on social media. You have to create the life you want.” Abraham “Abe” Stubbs set out to create that […]

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Omaha’s Best Event | QLI’s An Evening at the Fair

It doesn’t take long to realize QLI’s An Evening at the Fair is unique. Framed beneath a hot air balloon that reaches from the floor to the ceiling of UNO’s Baxter Arena, An Evening at the Fair transforms a premier sports and event center into an unforgettable carnival atmosphere of thrills, excitement, and fun. Since […]

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QLI’s Adaptive Functional Fitness | All for One, One for All

A flurry of motion and noise fills the room–a gym built within the open floorspace of a maintenance garage. Grungy guitar riffs snarl out from a stereo as four men, each of them in wheelchairs, zip quickly in four separate directions to individual stations. One of the two fitness coaches in the room watches the […]

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“Shearer” Determination | Family, Injury, and Resilience

A catastrophic stroke threatened to destroy everything Mike and Denise Shearer had built together: Their home, their family, their life. In this mini-documentary, QLI takes an intimate look at the story of recover from a family’s perspective. From complete loss to a vision of hope–what the Shearers have endured only reaffirms their incredible unity and […]

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