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Father Glen Wilwerding | A Morning at RAGBRAI, A Glimpse of Recovery

The rain falls in sheets. Big, heavy drops like coins coming straight down from a textureless overcast sky. They land with pelting force, slapping noisily off the cars and RVs and campers seeking temporary refuge in the abandoned parking lot of an emptied, months-closed Kmart.  Just a dozen feet north of the lot, Iowa State […]

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Craig Engel: The Pieces Together Again

Craig Engel begins each day at 3:00 a.m. In that quiet hour he works through a practiced morning routine. He double-checks the day’s date and the weather with an Amazon Alexa device. Then, donning his uniform, he drives the twenty-minute commute separating his rural hometown from Lindsay, Nebraska. By 4:00 a.m., he arrives at the […]

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More than Home | Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI

When Suzanne Scott Family Housing at QLI was first imagined, its intent was built upon a familiar framework: Provide the ultimate home away from home. Create the ultimate resource for families traveling across the country as their loved ones ford the path from injury to recovery. In September 2016, as the 13,000-square-foot lodging facility opened, […]

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#KnowYourMil | QLI’s Taylor Kerschke Takes Part in MJCOC 90

This April, Taylor Kerschke, QLI’s Director of Clinical Services, received the honor joining the United States Department of Defense’s Mini Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (MJCOC). The MJCOC, a three-day educational conference that bridges the divide between public-sector executives and military operations, is part of the Department of Defense’s oldest and most prestigious public liaison program. […]

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Back in the Saddle | Horse Trainer, Rodeo Professional Heather Morrison Takes the Next Ride

“This one’s Heather here.” Tom Morrison leans forearms-first on the railing of the indoor riding arena at Omaha’s Heartland Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA). He thumbs through images and videos on his phone, eventually playing one recording that stands out. It shows his wife, Heather, speeding horseback through a barrel race back in Wyoming, their […]

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