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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

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The QLI Podcast | Episode 1 – LoveYourBrain

This month we are excited to introduce The QLI Podcast, the official podcast of Team QLI! Hosted by Jon Pearson, QLI’s Director of Creativity, alongside a rotating panel of guests, The QLI Podcast is where we embrace the stories that enlighten, influence, and inspire us. In the first episode of The QLI Podcast, we sit […]

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People First | QLI’s Hands-On Approach to Psychology

The team of experts that make up QLI’s psychology department have the responsibility to know precisely what is happening inside the brain. Anatomically, cognitively, emotionally—all of the complex influences both internal and external to the brain’s function. Consisting of an industry-leading neuropsychologist, talented clinical psychologists, and a nationally renowned research expert, QLI’s psychology team possesses […]

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Josh Jackson | How a Dominant Race Car Driver Challenged Brain Injury, and Won

An hour ago, the New Mexico landscape was visible all the way to the horizon. Cracked earth, desert scrub. In the distance, the hazy silhouettes of great sandstone mountains cut out against a sky red with sunset. But now night has fallen, and from the grandstand or even higher above in the track marshal tower, […]

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SHARE Omaha | A Community Tool, A Life-Changing Impact

Innovation. Collaboration. Impact. QLI is proud to join SHARE Omaha. As a partnering nonprofit, QLI represents one of many incredible causes empowering the Omaha community to make a difference. SHARE Omaha is a brand new network of nonprofits from across the Omaha area. The web platform makes finding giving and volunteering opportunities in the Omaha […]

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On the Road | The Impact of Adaptive Driving at QLI

Take a moment to think about the act of driving a car. Consider the open road—how good it felt to sit in the driver’s seat of your first vehicle; how much it meant to look at your car as a symbol of freedom; how important your current vehicle is as a tool of necessity, as […]

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